Sorry guys, I’ve been stressed about my NHD project and homework trying to get my grades up. So, I’ll try to post more often:) 


I hope this works:)


Sometimes I wish that band member were our age, went to a normal school, and I would be their best friend. Then they would be famous, and I would still be their best friend, even marry one. You know the feeling? Like this:

I wish I was her right now.

Patty and Pete<3


Ahh, isn’t this sweet:) Patrick and Pete at Brendon and Sarah’s wedding<3 Wish I could’ve gone. Lol, like that would’ve happened. FUNNY JOKE: “But Sarah, we can’t have the wedding indoors, people will make fun of us.” -Brendon Urie 

(I think thats how it goes, lol) Anyways, sorry for not posting for two days, was sick yesterday, then.. no excuse for Wednesday. I have a band concert tomorrow so I might post, I might not :/ See Y’all. later.